got feedback?

I love feedback. Whether it’s the sound of “swish” when I shoot a basketball, the smile on someone’s face when I tell a joke with impeccable timing, or the smooth blades of grass when I mow the lawn just right, feedback allows me to know when I’ve done something well. Feedback also allows me toContinue reading “got feedback?”

Got feedback?

Dear Readers, First of all, thank you for reading my first novel, “Chasing the Show.” It’s a project that’s been near and dear to my heart for 30+ years. Second, I began my professional career as a teacher, and remnants from my teaching (and principaling) years stick to me like pebbles in the tread ofContinue reading “Got feedback?”

A note from the author

Dear Reader: Thank you for choosing this book! I am forever grateful for you – after, all, if it weren’t for Readers, books would simply be trees falling in an abandoned forest. It is my sincere hope that you find this book both entertaining and helpful. That’s right, helpful. While it clearly has all theContinue reading “A note from the author”

Two truths and a lie

*Note: if you haven’t yet read the “Connect with author Pete Hall” page on our website, you might want to go back and do that BEFORE you see which of the three achievements Pete actually did…and which he fibbed about. And without any further ado… …here’s the truth: A. In August of 2016, Pete completedContinue reading “Two truths and a lie”

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