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Pete Hall is the author of 10 books on education and leadership (that probably aren’t nearly as fun to read as “Chasing the Show”). A former teacher and school principal, Pete is a big fan of the game “Two truths and a lie.” Here are his. You decide:

A. He completed a full IronMan triathlon (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run).
B. He hit a hole-in-one on a 148-yard par-3 on a golf course.
C. He hit a half-court shot at an NBA game and won a pickup truck.

In-person speaking engagements to middle-school and high-school audiences, virtual workshops with classes, coaching conversations with educators, parents, mentors, coaches…you name it, let’s get creative and connect!


Looking for a dynamic, energetic speaker for your school, team, or organization? Whether you need a keynote to generate some enthusiasm, a motivational session to inspire the team, or something altogether unique for your circumstance, give Pete a call to see how he can build something to help you move forward.


With both in-person and virtual options, you can bring Pete to your class, your pre-game, your office, or your auditorium for a wide range of topics. Leadership? Goal-setting? Slump-busting? Self-improvement? Habits? Writing? Public speaking? You name it, he will help you create a session designed to meet your needs.


Sometimes you could use a “guide on the side,” someone who is unequivocally there as a champion for you. With decades of mentoring experience, Pete can support your leadership endeavors, coaching pursuits, teaching influence, personal ambitions, and life/work goals. Why wait? Start working towards that better life today!

“The support I received from Pete was phenomenal. He was non-judgmental, which helped me to be open and willing to ask questions. He was very supportive, challenged my thinking, and made me feel comfortable.”

Ericka H, high school principal, SC

Set up a free initial consultation today.

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