You’ve taken the first step. That’s how all journeys begin. So what’s next?

Welcome to “Chasing the Show,” a story of goals and dreams and obstacles and confusion and growing up and relationships and heartache and glory. There are no swordfights or magic or dragons or castles, however. Just life – and all its amazing twists and turns!

Thank you for turning to page 1 and starting this journey. No matter how you’re engaging with this book, I encourage you to consider ways to strengthen your connection with the story, the messages, and the real people in your life. I’m guessing one of the three options below matches you. If so, there’s advice following each question. Find yours:

Are you reading by yourself? Wonderful! Welcome aboard. I trust you’ll find the story entertaining at time, troublesome at times, and intriguing all the time. Of course, as an individual, you’ll have your own reactions, thoughts, and ideas, which is why I’d recommend that you download the Discussion Guide. Even if you don’t discuss the book with anyone else, you can reflect on the characters, the story, and how it might relate to your life.

Are you reading together with classmates and/or teammates? Wonderful! Welcome aboard. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with your peers about the themes and events in the story – and you may find that you and your teammates have a lot in common…as well as a lot of things you THOUGHT you had in common but maybe don’t! You can get quite a few prompts to generate some dialogue by downloading the Discussion Guide.

Are you reading with an adult (parent, coach, teacher, mentor, other)? Wonderful! Welcome aboard. Having a trusted grown-up to talk to as you read a book can be really beneficial. That adult can help you process your feelings and emotions, offer advice, ask you questions you hadn’t thought of yourself, and maybe even just enjoy the story with you! If you want a head start on some of those questions, download the Discussion Guide.

No matter how you read this book, I’m grateful that you chose it. As I wrote in the beginning pages, I hope you find it entertaining and helpful. Read on!