You’ve taken the first step. That’s how all journeys begin. So what’s next?

Welcome to “Chasing the Show,” a story of goals and dreams and obstacles and confusion and growing up and relationships and heartache and glory. As an adult, no matter what your role is in a young person’s life, you’ve got obligations that extend well beyond simply reading a great book.

Thank you for turning to page 1 and starting this journey. No matter how you’re engaging with this book, I encourage you to consider ways to strengthen your connection with the story, the messages, and the real people in your life. I’m guessing one of the three options below matches you. If so, there’s advice following each question. Find yours:

Are you reading by yourself? Wonderful! Welcome aboard. I trust you’ll enjoy the book and find some relevance in it beyond the story itself. You may find yourself reminiscing about your own young-adulthood. You may be prompted to think of a Young Adult in your life right now. You may even be inspired to connect with your local community in a different way. If you find yourself wanting a little more interaction with the story, you can download the Discussion Guide here.

Are you reading with your class or team? Wonderful! Welcome aboard. Facilitating a “book study” can be a daunting challenge. When do you stop and talk? How often do you invite your young people to share? What will they find most interesting? Most provocative? Most relatable? Most frustrating? What questions should I ask? Well, that’s exactly why I built the Discussion Guide for you to implement as needed.

Are you reading with a specific young person? Wonderful! Welcome aboard. Your responsibilities as a teacher, mentor, parent, coach, counselor, supervisor, or whatever your role might be, must be taken seriously. You can find ample characters, events, and themes in the story that might be helpful to prompt dialogue, and if you’d like some guidance, feel free to download the Discussion Guide, where I’ve added dozens of reflective questions.

No matter how you’ve come to this point, you’re here. You’re reading this book, and for that I offer my gratitude. And like I wrote in the early pages, I hope you find the book both entertaining and helpful. Read on!